Reimagining TV with
National Custom Messaging®

Adcuratio transforms a National Linear TV by enabling the ability for Advertisers to show more than one creative version in a single ad spot.


Advertisers can now use the power of Adcuratio’s National Custom Messaging® product to run:

Campaigns to show different products to different households

Campaigns to show different messages about the same product to different households

All with ...

Message sequencing, frequency capping and MROI reporting capabilities

Adcuratio’s NCM® platform connects a networks existing engineering systems & signaling capabilities to multiple distribution endpoints.

Adcuratio offers networks a network branded campaign management portal that integrates with existing network sales systems

Adcuratio NCM® connects a Network's existing engineering systems & signaling capabilities to multiple distribution endpoints.

Adcuratio offers Networks a Network Branded Campaign Management Portal that integrates with existing Network Sales Systems.


Adcuratio NCM® connects the existing tech-stack of a Distributors and performs all the required translations to connect their footprint to Advertiser demand

Adcuratio provides a fully-integrated workflow portal that allows Distributors to input customized execution preferences in accordance with their overall sales goals and strategy.


We transform national TV advertising by delivering the following:

  • A fully integrated, self-serve, end-to-end platform across Advertisers, Agencies, Networks, MVPDs and Smart TV OEMs
  • Increased effective CPM for Advertisers through household-level targeting & creative versioning
  • The right creative is sent to the right household
  • A unique Adcuratio ID per household with double-blind matching services to eliminate the need to share proprietary data across NCM® partners


We collaborate with Agencies and their clients to leverage the NCM® platform to deliver end-to-end campaign stewardship and enable digital-like features on national linear TV.

With Adcuratio, everyone in the Television-Ad ecosystem benefits

  • Optimize brand story against different sub-groups
  • Segment impressions between parent and sub-brands to improve overall portfolio
  • Increase effective CPM
  • Define Message Sequencing
  • Define Frequency Capping
  • Increase MROI & spend accountability
  • Supports the flow of media spend from Digital to TV
  • Incremental revenue with almost no incremental effort
  • Potential for pricing innovation and upside on "upgradable" inventory
  • Increased revenue from enabling targeting & measurement and providing safe haven services
  • Brings additional targeting and ROI capabilities to their clients, supports account retention
MVPDs & Smart TV OEMs
  • Incremental source of revenue by unlocking national minutes and increased monetization of existing DAI infrastructure



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