Reimagine TV advertising with
National Custom Messaging®

Adcuratio is transforming national linear TV by empowering advertisers to activate multiple creative versions within a single commercial unit.

Audience targeting and commercial versioning with National Custom Messaging®

Traditional Network TV Advertising
Insurance Company buys one ad for auto policies, and runs one commercial that reaches everyone
Adcuratio Enhanced TV Advertising Data-Informed Ad Versioning
Insurance Company buys one ad to target auto, motorcycle, boat, and RV owners with specific commercial versions simultaneously

Adcuratio is integrated into the entire TV ecosystem

We’re a trusted technology partner linking advertisers, agencies, publishers, MVPDs, and Smart TVs

Straight Forward Workflow

Current Adcuratio Partners


Key Capabilities

For Advertisers & Agencies

  • Self-Service UI for multi-network Campaign Design, Monitoring, Reporting, Billing & Invoicing Management
  • Deduplication & frequency capping
  • Near real-time measurement and attribution
  • Omnichannel targeting & measurement across linear, addressable and digital

For Networks

  • Self-Service UI to perform Inventory, Creative, Order, Billing & Invoicing
  • Unrestricted scheduling of addressable spots within Advertiser schedule
  • Centralized orchestration across all endpoints (SASO or MASO)
  • Single device capable of generation various SCTE triggers for various MVPDs
  • Schedule metadata transmission to the MVPDs in their required format

For MVPDs, vMVPDs & SmartTVs

  • Self-Service UI to perform Creative, Target, Order, Billing & Invoicing Management
  • Orchestration/ Translation across multiple “Distribution Endpoints” with varying requirements (no forced standardization) provided at no cost.
  • Centralized orchestration from multiple Network Partners
  • Measurement technology that supports no “off-premise” data sharing


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The Technical Complexity of National Minutes Enablement

New and custom technology has to be built and integrated across seven layers and four different industries

Adcuratio® Provides SaaS for Layers 2-7 & PaaS for Unification

An independent and decentralized middleware platform delivered as PaaS. Internal enablement tech and adapters required by networks, agencies and distributors delivered as SaaS

  1. The Adcuratio® enablement-tech platform allows each network, MVPD and Smart TV to connect seamlessly to the unification platform
  2. Using a single integration to the platform, a network is connected to all MVPDs/Smart TVs and vice-versa
  3. MVPDs, Smart TVs and Networks maintain full control of their inventory/data and enable only custom-approved features
  4. An advertiser can create a single unified campaign across all Networks, MVPDs and Smart TVs
  5. Data isolation and privacy enforcement is done within each MVPD and Smart TV
  6. Reporting is centralized using an anonymized Adcuratio ID which is assigned to each US HH

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